The Idea

If I had a nickel for every time my kids have asked me for a story…well, I’d probably be a homeless vagrant, telling stories for my supper and sleeping next to the freeway.  But I’d have a huge bag of nickels to beat off anyone who messed with me.  For now, though, I’m just a mommy in desperate need of stories to distract my daughter while I comb the tangles out of her hair, entertain my kids when they’re home sick from school, and help pass those long car rides.

I love reading books to my kids, but printed books just don’t have the adaptability and personality of verbal stories.  Storytelling is a dying art that we are trying to keep alive around our house.  I’m not saying that all our stories are worth retelling, because they are sooooo not.  But I still wanted to have a place to keep track of the ones the kids ask for over and over, and I wanted to push myself to keep making up new ones so I don’t draw a blank in those crucial story moments.  That’s how Tell me a story, Mommy was born.

These stories are meant to be told out loud, to be expanded on or cut short depending on the interest level of the little one listening, so I don’t let myself take the time to polish them. Whatever tumbles out of my brain at 6:30 goes right into the keyboard, and I grit my teeth and hit publish. I hope that anyone who’s reading will enjoy the kernel at the center, the idea that captured my imagination, and ignore whatever clumsiness is found around the edges. That way you’re free to tell the story to your own kids in your own way and make it shine for them. (And if you ever want to read something I did sweat blood and tears over, buy my books!)

I would LOVE to post stories written by other Mommies (and Daddies), so feel free to leave your own versions of stories, suggest alternate endings or titles in the comments, or email me with your own original story entries.  Best of all, tell these stories to your kids.  Use your own words, give them your own spin, but use them.  That’s what they’re there for.

A few quick notes:

1.  Everything posted is original to the poster. There’s nothing new under the sun, but everything I post here came from inside my own head.  I grant you that my head is full of other people’s stories, but this is a promise not to  plagiarize anything and not to retell old tales without putting my own original twist on them.

2.  Intensive editing is not the point. Though I do hope to maintain a certain level of quality, this is a place to generate stories and story is the focus, not writing.  Stories are fun. I want to get as many of them out there as possible.

3.  These are stories aimed at kids. They’ll all be kid-appropriate.  Most of these are stories I’ve actually told to my kids, or at least plan to.  In my case, that means they’re aimed at entertaining preschool and early elementary ages.  On the other hand, I never write anything that isn’t interesting to me, so hopefully I’m not the only grown-up who finds some value here.


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